Cat Magic (Dublin, Ireland)

Cat Magic formed in October 1986 spending 3 sessions a week in the original Apple Rehearsal Studios run by Alan Furlong just off Capel Street in Dublin.  Diverse influences, youthful exuberance and talent resulted in a mix of blues and pop and an exciting live show.

The demo featured in this post was recorded February 1st through 5th 1987 at Strand Street Studios. The building is no more. Located in the basement of one of Dublin’s oldest music shops “The Sound & Lighting Store” this 1-inch 8-track studio hosted sessions by The Hothouse Flowers, Aslan and many other Dublin acts. The Paul Cleary single “Some People Cry” was recorded in this studio.

The session was engineered by Denis Begley who was closely associated with The Subterraneans.

The line-up: Des Free (vocals), Colin Eyre (guitar), Jackie Hudson (bass), Mark Small (drums), Peter Fitzpatrick (keyboards).

Des Free, Colin Eyre, Jackie Hudson, Mark Small, Peter Fitzpatrick

“America Bound” and “Talk Down” were circulated on a demo tape to labels, promoters and potential management.

Colin Eyre, Mark Small, Jackie Hudson, Des Free, Peter Fitzpatrick

The missing track ‘Summertime’ was re-written a few weeks after the session.

The band played shows in well known Dublin venues ‘Baggot Inn’, ‘The Underground’, ‘Olympia Theatre’ through the spring and summer of 1987. They split in summer 1987 and , minus Des Free, formed ‘Kick’.


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2 responses to “Cat Magic (Dublin, Ireland)

  1. Colin Eyre

    Phaser and synth swell intro’s should be banned under the Geneva Convention.

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