Hammer Brothers (Texas, USA)

Hammer Brothers were an early 90’s, Dallas, Texas based rock band. They covered a variety of musical ground including songs by Jeff Beck, Little Feat, The Beatles and 80’s post punk bands like The Smithereens. The lineup included Bob Nunn on bass and David Lowrey on guitar. Bob and David grew up together and played in a couple of bands when they were in high school. Jeff Brown, a talented pianist, joined the band along with guitarist Ed Miller and drummer Dan Joynes in its formative stage.

The band lasted about a year. They played marathon rehearsals on Saturday or Sunday working out the intricacies of their sound. Eventually the grind of reheasing took its toll and led to the break up of the band. We are lucky, however, to have saved a few songs from way back then — including this cover of Steely Dan’s “Pretzel Logic.” David and Ed still write together on occasion thanks to computers and other technology we couldn’t comprehend back then. But there’s still nothing like being locked in a room with a good, old full-of-hiss analogue tape.

Bob Nunn and David Lowrey today

Bob Nunn and David Lowrey in tree at far right

Bob and Ed in Arlington, Texas circa 1990


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3 responses to “Hammer Brothers (Texas, USA)

  1. Those were some good times, and too bad we never got out in the metroplex to play more than a few gigs. That was a heck of a band, and quality musicians all around. Thanks for sharing this audio clip!

  2. Here, here! We were pretty bold with some of the stuff we covered. Some pretty serious variety. In retrospect, that was probably our downfall. But boy were those rehearsals a blast! Thanks for posting, Ed. Bring back the 11-pack!!!!

  3. Ed Miller

    Those were good time, n’est pas? I can’t say I’d wish the eleven pack on anyone though. Especially after a grueling six-hour rehearsal when one last beer might be the life saver.

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