Rosary (Georgia, USA)

With thanks to Liz Ireland who submitted these two tracks by ‘Rosary’

Active in Athens, Georgia between 1992 and 1994 the line up was Diane Nuter (songwriter, acoustic guitar, vocals), Liz Ireland (viola), J. Christopher Arrison (Electric Guitar), Jason Slatton (Electric Guitar).  The demo was recorded on an 8-track analogue multitrack at Andy Baker’s home studio (before he co-founded Chase Park Transduction Studios with David Barbe from Sugar).

Let’s hear from Liz herself:
Career highlights:
Biggest gig:  Opening for Don Dixon (Erstwhile R.E.M. producer and excellent blues-popmeister) before thousands at the Riverbend Festival
in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Coolest gig:  Getting blown off the stage by Alejandro Escovedo, who was touring acoustically w/ a string quartet.
Airplay:  WUOG, Athens; WRAK, Atlanta.

Most hilarious moment:  Michael Stipe brought Kurt Cobain to see us headlining at a Mexican restaurant in Athens.  Cobain, predictably, HATED us and they snuck out within five minutes – not without Stipe mouthing “Sorry!” to me on his way out the door.  🙂

Terminally hip encores:  “Listen To The Flower People” from Spinal Tap, and an acoustic version of “Psychotic Reaction” where I played
the harmonica part on viola.

Diane and I met through the infamous Athens, Georgia “Girls Club” – a group of women in the music business who all socialized together. She
was studying Music Therapy at the University of Georgia; I was a music journo, writing for Flagpole, the Athens Banner-Herald, Athens
Magazine, and the Athens Observer.  We played together for several months before realizing we needed a second guitarist.  The logical choice was Chris Arrison, a phenomenally talented journeyman guitarist who was between bands at the time.  He left the band when asked to join Trinket just before they signed to RCA, and was replaced by Jason Slatton.

“Agatha Christie” is from the Arrison Period and “He Walks” from the Slatton period.  Math rock was pretty much the genre of choice in Athens at the time, so we actually got a lot of cool gigs whenever the headliner was acoustic or semi-acoustic – simply by default, because there weren’t any other acoustic bands around at the time!  We were also kind of adopted country cousins to the ethereal goth scene then happening in Atlanta, and gigged almost constantly with Trio Nocturna and The Changelings.  We financed the 5-song demo these 2 songs are taken from by playing private parties for university professors; we were very popular with them for some reason.  Rosary ended when Diane got accepted into a Master’s Degree program at the University of Chicago.  Typical Athens band trajectory!

Here is “Agatha Christie”

and this is “He Walks”

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