Good Intentions – Dublin, Ireland

Through my friend Eddie Joyce (Steddie Eddie) who wrote a column in the Hot Press magazine for many years I was introduced to Tony Floyd Kenna from the group Good Intentions. (yes, you can click to their myspace site)

I want to thank Tony for supplying some brilliant clippings, story and photos for the blog. Hopefully it will inspire others to jump in and share.

I’ll let Tony take over from here…

Good Intentions came into being in 1984. The core members of Dave Long,Ian Bolton and Tony Floyd Kenna were joined by Kieran Farrell and Eadaoin O’Donoghoe.

Ian, Kieran and Tony were also playing in Maggies Farm with Joe McGuinness. The idea was to write and record original material. The five set off for the famous Slane Studios and put down ‘Soul Sister’, written by Tony and Dave, and Walking On By, written by Dave. The demos were duly sent off to Steddie Eddie in the Hot Press and having received a favourable review. The track Soul Sister featured in Eddies top twelve for 1984! Along with the emerging Aslan and others. Good Intentions continued to evolve. Dave moved on to Interfusion and John O’Grady, Dermott Jewell and Bernadette Jewell came into the band. More new songs were written and recorded, but that’s another day’s story..

I am loving these clippings from Hot Press magazine!

First up here is a mention of the studio at Slane. £100 an hour !! (Click the image to see it in full size)

... the studio has a Prophet Synth and an Oberheim drum machine.... wow !

Now here is the review in Eddie’s “Local Motions” column which mentions a whole bunch of folk I remember from the Irish music scene: The Fountainhead (Hiya Pat & Steve!), Shay Healy, and Roddy Clear (sic) [Roddie Cleere]. (Click the image to see it in full size)

A few weeks later Eddie wrote in the 1st anniversary of his legendary Local Motions column mentioning this demo. (Click the image to see it in full size)

Irish music fans -recognise any names there ?

Now here is that demo

The story has a great ending:

In Autumn 2009 Tony dug up the old Good Intentions demos, had them remastered by Daire Winston, and released the ‘80s Studio Sessions’ by Good Intentions. Tony then suggested to everyone that it was time to roll again and so they did. The new writing and recording culminated with the Summer 2010 release of the ‘Sacred Ground’ CD. A 6 track EP showing all sides of the band. The title track, Sacred Ground, has been very warmly received and had substantial airplay on Dublin City FM103.2. It is a celebration of Dublin, where all the guys hail from. ‘There’s no where better, no where to be found, Dublin is the place I love, it’s like walking on Sacred Ground, Sacred Ground’. A positive, uplifting rock ballad with a great feel good factor. Angela Macari O’Looney has given the CD a rave review (see below).

So after 25 years four members from the original 80s line ups are writing, playing and recording together again. Tony, Ian and Kieran have also revived Maggies Farm with Joe and new member Syl Burke and yep, that’s yet another story! (Alison charity CD just released in aid of the Capuchin Day Centre For Homeless people).

Good Intentions are currently working on their next CD with a view to an early Summer 2011 release.

And here they are today in 2011

Angela’s review – Irish Unsigned.

Good Intentions – Sacred Ground Angela Macari O’Looney

After a long break from the music scene, this interesting band have reformed and in July 2010, celebrated the launch of this compact collection of songs. Lyrics are well thought out and tell about life. The title track centres around Dublin and its environs, which to some are just a noisy Capital City going about its business, but to any true blue native is a host of sights and sounds never to be taken for granted! Band members are John O’Grady – Vocals/ Keyboards/ Guitar, Kieran Farrell – Vocals/ Guitar, Ian Bolton – Drums, Tony Floyd Kenna – Bass. Backing singers on the CD are Annette Farrell, Eimear Farrell, Laura Ashcroft Jones, Una Whelan, Tarney Reilly, Caoimhe Dunnion and Meidhbhin Ni Urdail. With Rock/ Blues/ Folk leanings, the band have managed to include a good variety of what they do here, from anthemic numbers to more upbeat Rock ‘n’ roll dance songs, featuring outstanding guitar solos. Sacred Ground This memorable anthem has had lots of airplay on Dublin City FM and reminds me a little of Summer in Dublin by Bagatelle. Descriptions about beauty spots along Dublin bay capture the imagination of the listener. I particularly like the lineDublin bay opens up for the day and Tara Street empties the weary. Riffs and hooks are superb, with delicious piano and guitar breaks throughout. Kieran’s guitar solo is a key feature, as he makes his strat talk with fluency and goes from busy screaming notes down to a low, rich stream of fretwork that reaches into your soul! John has a clear voice well suited to the softer verse, but quite commanding for the uplifting chorus, which is shared with female vocalists who add a touch of heavenliness to the moment! It’s not easy This number is fast and would remind me of The Beatles song The Ballad of John and Yoko, with a pleasant dash of Rock-country filtering in. I love the guitar riffs, backing vocals and the little splashes of harmony throughout the verse. Sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes it’s a little hard/ to keep on rising every day, to keep on trying to get work. This sentiment is very poignant in the current economic atmosphere. Despite the fact that the song is about being

unemployed and broke, it’s really upbeat, with loads of exciting instrumental bits going on. A grungey, distortion laden guitar intro takes you into Walk again. John’s vocals prove themselves worthy of rock, as he belts out the feel good chorus. Harmony is done by Keiran Farrell, who also plays a scorching lead solo and some sweet riffs and hooks. Tony’s baselines in all songs are totally seamless, but in particular he comes alive here, framing this fab number with pizzazz! Don’t Fall Down The guitars yet again become the outstanding feature in this explosive, rock number. Keiran is one amazing lead soloist, with John joining him in some sweet twin guitar breaks throughout. Each musician just lets loose for this song. Wow! Chord combinations are just divine, bass is distortion packed and very audible, drum rolls and bashing beats a la Ian Bolton putting the finishing touches to a fine original masterpiece! Listening to this band inspires such energy and enthusiasm; you can feel how much they’ve missed their craft and are glad to be back! Buying houses is a more laid back number, with a kind of heartbreaking story of how life swallows up your energy, so that you can’t always get out to enjoy yourself, or do the things you dream about. I can relate to this song so much myself. With a lovely melody line, it has some beautiful piano in it. John has a wonderful style on keyboards, along with a special way of singing a slow, soulful song like this. It’s a really moving piece I must say. Were our parents ever wild and free, drinking beer till they could not see? Did they watch late night t.v. or just hang out and be carefree? This is a question we asked when we were young and possibly is a question every generation asks and eventually gets the answer when they are themselves working, raising kids, buying houses. A bonus long version of Sacred Ground is included on the CD. All the songs were written and co-written by members of the band. Each one is a top quality, memorable piece, with the title track being one that’s so haunting, you find yourself singing the chorus over and over once you’ve heard it. The lads have each been involved in the music business to a pretty impressive degree and have definitely earned their place as legends of the old school of Rock, who’ve dusted off their instruments. Keiran Farrell started his musical career at age fourteen and during the 70s/80s playing with many popular Irish bands such as Maggies Farm, Face to Face and Orient. John and Tony were friends at school and shared a passion for music and songwriting and are accomplished multi musicians. Tony spent some years sound engineering and served on the council of the IASC, ( song -writers association). Ian Bolton was a member of Sodium Rock, Maggies Farm, Face to Face and Soundproof. Hopefully this album is a new beginning for them and I wish them lots of luck with their project and look forward to seeing them live. Review written by: Angela Macari O’Looney — 13/10/2010

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  1. AWESOME, wonderful review for a great band. TFK aka Good Intentions send me copies of his recordings and I’ve been rocking to them ever since.

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