Lazy Circle – (North Carolina, USA)

Dave Laukaitis contacted the blog within days of going ‘live’ in 2011 and for some odd reason I left this in the drafts folder for over a year. I think it’s been worth the wait don’t you ?

Dave used to record under the name “Lazy Circle”. He still gigs occasionally under the band name. It’s a bit difficult as he lives quite a distance from the keyboard player.  He put out one single in 1992 (“Hypnotized” b/w “Manchester” and “You’ve Risen”).  A full length CD-R/Cassette (homemade) was distributed in 1998.  All recordings were made at home.

I’ll let Dave take over from here:

Recording at home began for me in 1979.  Very crude recordings made by bouncing from two-track cassette decks, back and forth.  Pretty ambitious for a 15 year-old.  While most friends were at Friday night football games either fighting or imaging that the beautiful cheerleader was actually looking at them in the stands under the bright lights, I was in a basement nursing this new found hobby.  The recording bug got “serious” in 1983 when I purchased my first real tape machine, a Tascam 22-4.  I was now able to record good sounding demos on 7″ reel tapes (running at 15 i.p.s.).

I would record ‘normal’ rock songs, like many friends, and they would all sound, well, ‘normal’.  But some of my writing and recording was starting to go into uncommon territory.  In hindsight I attribute this to massive doses of Syd Barrett and  Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys music.  The demos were getting a little more adventurous, and as such were not a good fit for my band at the time (The Probes).

Fast forward to 1991.  A friend of mine was starting his record label, VHF Records, in Virginia, and was beginning to put out singles (he would later expand to LPs and CDs).  Now THIS would be a good outlet for a few folks to hear some of these songs, because at this point they are not reproduce-able on stage.  John Lennon can talk about how difficult it would have been to play PEPPER tracks, but it’s songs with backwards bits on them that are impossible to replicate.

Being cursed with a horrible last name I did NOT want to put out the single using my name, so when the name Lazy Circle came to me, I knew that I would issue something under this name.  I went into a studio (The Station in Rockville, MD) with the mission of recording the first Lazy Circle single.  I brought the demos with me.  We (Bill from VHF, the engineer and myself) listened to the demos and felt that they had ‘something’ about them that would be impossible to recreate.  So, we ended up cleaning up the original demos and issuing a single “Hypnotized” b/w “Manchester”, “You’ve Risen” (VHF #4, 1992).  Pressed 500 copies and sold them all.  All without Lazy Circle being a real band or gigging.

I continued to write and record both “normal” rock songs and Lazy Circle music (a genre I call “folkadelic”).  I issued a limited cassette/CD-R in 1998, called RUMOURS ABOUND.

Dave (guitar)

Dave (guitar), Rob (keyboards)

The 22-4 has since died, and in the late 90’s I stepped up (or sideways) to a cassette Tascam 488.  I still use that machine to this day.

So, I guess I meet the requirements of these being “demos” sourced from tape.  Enjoy the music of Lazy Circle!  (Side note about “You’ve Risen”:  The guitar pattern that starts the song and plays throughout is not a loop but just a riff that I hypnotically started playing, and it basically played me!)

Here are three demos Dave has contributed.

First up is ‘You’ve Risen’

Here’s ‘Hypnotised (Single Version)’

Finally here’s ‘Solar Globe’

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  1. Old Man

    Material for The Probes was “too adventurous”? Not exactly how I remember it.
    Besides, wasn’t that band really Gigilo Aunt?

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