The Shadow Kabinet – When Stanley Goes Shopping (London, England)

Steve Somerset (a.k.a. The Shadow Kabinet) tells us the story behind ‘When Stanley Goes Shopping’

In 2001 I was approached by film director and writer Arthur Ellis to write music and work on the sound for a short film called ‘Stanley Kubrick Goes Shopping’.
The film was about a pair of fans following Stanley Kubrick around a supermarket with a video camera as he did his shopping. They discover that the pedantic nature of the director, famed for making Shelley Duvall do a scene in ‘The Shining’ over 70 times, extends beyond his films. His shopping expedition takes hours and he goes through endless onions searching for the perfect one. Eventually he leaves the supermarket at night after buying his shopping a total of 160 times!

It was a genius idea. Very funny. Peter White played the part of film critic viewing the video footage and Arthur Ellis played a very convincing Kubrick. I recorded all the dialogue and effects and wrote and recorded music for the soundtrack. I wrote lots of supermarket muzak which drove me insane. I even recorded a version of ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’.

There was also two songs for the project; a rap track ( yes I did a rap song) plus ‘When Stanley Goes Shopping’ and that’s the demo you can hear here. It was done very quickly, I think on a four track machine. I flew in dialogue from the film’s soundtrack. The project was great fun to work on but unfortunately only my awful supermarket Muzak made the final cut. Ah well, that’s show biz!

Steve Somerset - The Shadow Kabinet

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