Mirror Freak (Dublin, Ireland)

Mirror Freak formed in October 1985. The line-up included Ken Murphy (aka ‘Ken Serval’, aka ‘Hal Sandwich’) (vocals & bass), Brian McNulty (guitar), Colm ? (drums) and Peter Fitzpatrick (keyboards). The singer Ken was also the only songwriter.

November 1985 they played their first gig in a suburban youth club which descended into chaos when the homemade PA system gave up and blew up an hour into the set.  The set augmented Ken’s original material with covers of Talking Heads ‘Life During Wartime’ and Japan’s ‘Stateline’.  Earlier in 1985 Ken had produced a demo tape from which ‘Bridging The Gap’ is included here.

The quality of Ken’s songwriting caught the attention of Owl Records who released a series of compilation albums in the mid to late 1980s. Summoned into the 16-track studio the band began work on ‘Working In The Outdoors’. The track wasn’t finished as the label lost interest in the band (and the singer forgot to tell the rest of the band about the follow-up recording session…). This rough mix has guide vocal, bass, keyboards and Roland TR-707 drum machine.

There are two excellent live tapes which demonstrate that perhaps Mirror Freak had potential to go beyond failed recording sessions and shows in ‘The Ivy Rooms’, ‘Faces’ and ‘The Underground’. In one of the shows the band are playing a speakeasy club when midway through the set the guitarist decided to have a little “lie down” to look at the amazing lights (man). Entertaining listening.

The final recording is a live-to-tape demo recorded in the old Temple Bar rehearsal rooms. “The Unemployment Business” was a highlight of the live set.

Mid-1986 the band split.

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