I hope that this little blog out on the internet frontier will be a not-so-dusty resting place for those demo tapes you or your band made.
Let’s use the band/solo artist to mean the same thing. Solo artists are as welcome as bands.

So what is a demo tape? My definition is a recording made by a band as a rite-of-passage. Demo tapes were made to get better gigs or to try and get that elusive record deal.

I have some tapes to contribute and will do so at regular intervals. I would really like to hear from anyone who has a tape they don’t mind sharing.
You can either email me MP3 files or I can transfer to CD for you and rip to MP3 for the blog. If you’ve got artwork or a scan of the original tape then I’d really like to include it. The story of the band, photos, anything else would be a great addition.

Drop me a note before you email stuff though… I don’t want my inbox overflowing with attachments.

Comments are enabled but if you’re just plain rude then you’ll find them deleted and the karma will bite you in the ass.

To contact the blog email me mydemotape@shabbyroad.com

If you’re curious about who I am then here is my blog and website.

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