Kick (Dublin, Ireland)

Following the split with their singer the remaining members of Cat Magic auditioned for a new singer. The auditions included one Joyce Murphy who joined the band to begin writing and rehearsing from October/November 1987. The band took the decision to write an all new set of material as well as including some cover versions.

Colin Eyre, Dave Mayne, Peter Fitzpatrick, Joyce Murphy, Mark Small, Jackie Hudson

The line-up Colin Eyre (guitar), Dave Mayne (sax), Peter Fitzpatrick (keyboards), Joyce Murphy (vocals), Mark Small (drums), Jackie Hudson (bass).

In late 1987 they took advantage of the cheap studio time available at a newly established audio engineering school. An 8-track quarter-inch Fostex machine captured this demo of ‘Left Behind’ (Eyre) and ‘Rainy Day’ (Hudson).

The band began playing live around Dublin and in March 1988 they hired the 16-track studio run by Paul Thomas which was located just off Dublin’s George’s Street. The session got off to a frustrating start when they discovered that the first half-day of recordings were unusable. The brand new half-inch tape had a minute crease running through it. Hiring in additional equipment (keyboards) and joined by Dave Mayne on saxophone they produced a two-song demo which they had professionally duplicated.

The band continued gigging through summer 1988 and split in the autumn of 1988.

Two weeks after splitting they received a call from RTE TV ‘Late Late Show’ which was (and arguably still is) the vehicle for TV exposure in Ireland. A researcher on the show had received a copy of their demo tape and wanted to get the band on the show. By then it was too late and we’ll never know what Gay Byrne would have said…

playing live at Dun Laoghaire pier

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